Media reforms will benefit consumers

The Media Reforms package was unveiled last week. Its focus on addressing the necessary evolution of the Australian media landscape is clear. Amidst the growing reality of the industry’s immersion into the digital space, these new reforms look to level the playing field between well established media businesses and new-age streaming platforms like Netflix and Stan.

Our take

Digitally-based platforms have near unlimited reach in an age where content is paramount in the eyes of the consumer. Many of the reforms may result in better content, like the removal of licencing fee’s for TV networks which could mean re-investment into new and existing content… alternatively, this money could be used to align with other business objectives. Likewise, abolishing the ‘Two out of Three Rule’ means media companies can now own Press, Radio and TV businesses to achieve 100% reach. At its core, these reforms seek to improve and streamline the media experience for people by aligning with the digital reality of the world today.

Paul Crichton

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