MasterCard will offer a credit card with a fingerprint sensor

The appeal of a contactless payment card is obvious, but removing the PIN from the equation means it’s easy for someone to steal and use your card. To combat this MasterCard has just announced the first credit card with a built-in fingerprint sensor for biometric security. So, when making a contactless purchase the card owner simply needs to ensure their thumb is placed on the biometric sensor during the transaction.

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Our take

Although Mastercard won’t be releasing Zwipe until 2015, this fingerprint sensor will hopefully minimise the amount of fraud and thefts in this industry. Anything that can do this, surely must be worth investing in? All in all our take is a thumbs up, although we do understand there may be a few glitches and errors at the beginning which may cause a lot of frustration if the sensor doesn’t read properly.

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