Mary Meeker’s amazing Internet Trends 2017

Mary Meeker’s annual report of global internet trends and technology has dropped – all 355 slides (up 142 slides YoY). It covers a range of subjects – macro internet trends to Healthcare and the digitisation of patient data to media distribution disruption. As Mary says so herself, it is meant to be read rather than presented. You can read the full document here.

Our take

We look forward to this report every year. Here are a few highlights:
• Globally, internet ad spend will surpass TV ad spend within 6 months
• The future of Search – image based rather than words (we are a beta test partner with Google)
• Global interactive gaming is mainstream
• Digital subscription service e.g. Netflix are rising due to improvements to user experience
• Economic growth drivers evolve over time – 21st century is the era of Compute Power + Human Potential
If time is not your friend, you can view Mary presenting her report here.

Ally Cooney

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