Maccas first to go local on Snapchat

Maccas is the first advertiser in Australia to take advantage of Snapchat’s recent launch of their local presence via their paid geo-filters.  Up until now, opportunities like these have only been available globally.  Maccas is supporting this first-to-market activity via their owned social channels across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Our take

Snapchat is certainly turning a lot of heads in media land. Millennials are getting harder to reach with a large portion turning away from the more ‘traditional’ Facebook. Snapchat is the new battleground for advertisers clamouring to get noticed. Globally, Snapchat users sit at approximately 100 million. As Snapchat settles into its new Australian offices, we wait in anticipation for them to lift the lid on its Aussie user base.

Read more about Maccas ‘Make Everyday Fryday’ on Snapchat here.

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