Local brands get GDPR compliant

The European Union introduced the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on the 25th May which has caused a lot of interest and concern in Australia. Whilst it is similar to the Australian Privacy Principles, the GDPR is considered to be the most comprehensive privacy legislation in the world. It regulates the personal data of individuals through the entire life cycle of collection, use and deletion. The GDPR will likely effect your Australian business if you supply goods or services to individuals in the EU, or have EU clients that have to meet the new obligations. In this case your EU clients may require updated agreements for the processing of personal information, hence you will need to impose the same obligations on your service providers here in Australia.

Our take

The GDPR is a regulation with genuine teeth. You need to ask your self “Do I deal with the personal information held by EU customers?” Many SME’s will be relying on their law firms for GDPR guidance and to update their website to be clear about what they use information for. Most companies appear to be sending a series of 3 emails out urging customers to resubscribe and on the third strike removing them from the database. Whilst the fines are a motivation, databases will now become more focused as uninterested parties drop off. Companies will find that their subscribers want to receive their messaging, producing higher open rates and lower unsubscribes as customers engage with their content.

Justine Jones

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