LinkedIn influencers

LinkedIn has invited 500 Influencers to provide their take on various trending topics, delivered in a short video format. Want to know what Channel 10’s “Shark’s Tank” Naomi Simson’s top tip is when going to pitch? Find out in a snackable, 30 second video format along with the opinions of entrepreneurs & venture capitalists. Posts from Influencers you follow will appear in your feed and you’ll have the ability to see, comment and respond on the topic. Influencer posts are in the structure of a Q&A and require an invitation.

Our take

Until now, video on LinkedIn was shared from other platforms like YouTube. This new functionality can be seen as a step towards self-published videos in the future. Although there are no ads or fees for posting or consuming the video content, it doesn’t take a leap of imagination to see a version where LinkedIn supplements their revenue from premium memberships with video ads.

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