Lego maker movement brings the LandCruiser to life

Lego is one of the five new entrants on the Interbrand Best Global Brands list. A key driver was the LEGOideas website, where fans of little plastic bricks can share their ideas, or vote and give feedback to other makers. ‘Popular this week’ is a Toyota Landcruiser, having just hit the 10,000 votes required to move the concept into review phase.

Our take

As if we didn’t already love Lego enough! They are riding both our brands fostering community and crowd creation trends by tapping into their passionate maker community. The brand love that will be earned is invaluable, as are the insights to be gained from a community space like this. Dynamic flagships, museum collaborations, and now LEGOideas, shows us how an old brand can find new platforms within the playground of life. It also shows us that touchpoints can emerge from unexpected places!

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