Latest Christmas TVC from John Lewis

British Retailer John Lewis has released their much anticipated annual Christmas advert, featuring ‘Buster the Boxer’. Departing from recent years’ tearjerkers, the 2016 piece has a more fun, playful tone.

Our take

In a fragmented media landscape, brands can no longer expect to command attention, they must earn it – creating content that people love will mean it is sought out, and shared. The strong emotional thread running through ‘Buster the Boxer’, transforms it from an ad into an engaging story, further coming to life through immersive online experiences and importantly, in-store.
While much advertising treats emotion as a way of getting a message across, John Lewis want the emotion to be their message. Feelings can be profitable – in the four years to 2015 since releasing ‘Christmas Stories’, John Lewis have had a 33% increase in sales.
Watch the video here.

Jen Nicholls

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