Is it safe to dive back into the Google ocean?

After last month’s Brand Safety issues, Google have announced enhanced detection, classification and self-protection measures to make it easier to tell if you are “swimming between the flags”. They are combining machine learning techniques claiming to up 5X the detection of inappropriate content with expanded user controls for category, topic & key word exclusions. For a detailed run-down contact us.

Our take

This makes it a lot safer but there is still a risk, similar to commercial adjacency in news broadcasts on FTATV. The greatest enhancement offering is the monetisation limitation that Google has just announced – no monetisation (read ads) until a channel has reached 10,000 views, whereupon it is subject to Google scrutiny prior to monetisation. This, plus Google’s openness to third party verification, is a serious step forward on fraud, viewability and brand risk.

Marg Cooney

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