Invasion of the drones

Once strictly associated with unmanned military aircraft, government use and all things terrible, drones have now transformed into a popular proposition for businesses and consumers. Drones will be influencing our lives and society in the not-so-distant future. From revolutionising delivery services (think drone delivered jaffles), tracking endangered animals and providing disaster relief services to next-level selfies as Martha Stewart has revealed.

Our take

We are seeing the development of drones that are able to follow subjects around through visual and GPS tracking; definitely upping the selfie game or the “dronie”. With these new products you simply strap on a tracking bracelet and enter instructions on the shot you would like and the drone will follow you. These accessible and affordable drones raise issues such as trespassing, privacy, airspace use and licensing laws. However, it is opening the doors to a third-person view very rarely captured before. It is placing typically out of reach technology and professional grade gear into the hands of the everyday person, enabling even greater quality user-generated content.

What’s The Wrap?

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