Interbrand Best Global Brands report – Who’s keeping up with the speed of life

Interbrand has released its annual evaluation of the 100 most valuable brands. Apple is still in the top spot, having experienced 43% growth, however facebook is the leading riser with a 54% increase. Technology and automotive brands dominate the list, with Toyota growing 16% and moving up 2 places to 6th position.

Our take

There are learnings to be gained from the Interbrand report. Brands that have innovation built into their DNA have an advantage in a world where change is high speed and constant. The new platform for 3M – ‘Science. Applied to life’ demonstrates how clarity of focus and customer centricity contributed to significant growth. They took an outside-in and inside-out approach to develop their new position, tapping into employees and 15,000 customers. The 3M newsroom content hub is a visually engaging way to tell their brand story and ensure they stay relevant in 2015 and beyond.

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