#Instagram’s Search

Instagram, the photo-sharing service has made emoji hashtags searchable, following in the steps of Microsoft which added emoji search to its Bing engine.
With the explosion of mobile devices and the ubiquity of texting, emoji has become a global shorthand visual language, transcending linguistic and cultural barriers. “It is a rare privilege to observe the rise of a new language,” said Thomas Dimson, software engineer on Instagram’s data team. “Emoji are becoming a valid and near-universal method of expression in all languages.”

Our take

Enabling an emoji search function demonstrates how far digital exchange has come since traditional search queries merely included text. As the burgeoning trend of visual accessories – or replacement – to the written word continues to gain popularity and infiltrate the search arena, language and data repercussions could see keyword based search data analysis needing to broaden its paradigm to adapt to the dynamic landscape of digital semiotic communication.

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