Instagram gets ‘Snapchatty’

This week, Instagram launched an app update introducing ‘Instagram Stories’, a new feature that works exactly like Snapchat Stories, allowing you to post photos and videos chronologically that vanish after 24 hours. Also much like Snapchat, Instagram has also released some new photo editing tools, allowing users to write or draw on their photos and add emoji before posting them. Instagram Stories appear in a bar at the top of your feed — giving maximum visibility to ‘stories’ from people you follow.

Our take

Learning from multiple failed attempts at cloning SnapChat with standalone apps; integrating ‘stories’ within Instagram is a masterstroke by Facebook. With user engagement on Instagram reportedly down 15% year on year as of early 2016, bringing in some of SnapChat’s most popular features should get more Instagrammers creating, consuming and sharing more content on the platform. The placement of Stories atop the Instagram is also a smart design choice that could make Instagram a success with their 500 million active monthly users. In time, with increased adoption of live video and messaging on the platform; Instagram Stories could prove to be a genuine threat to SnapChat’s growth story with the consolidation of similar features in a single app.

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