Homemade holograms

It is theorised that within the next twenty years, holograms will form a daily part of our lives as the technology becomes more and more prevalent. For those of you waiting patiently for the first holographic phone, wait no more! You might already have it in the palm of your hand. Early this week, tech-savvy Youtube channel Mrwhosetheboss uploaded a video demonstrating how to make a fully functioning 3D hologram projector to be used on a phone screen. See the step-by-step video here.

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Our take

Whilst this sort of technology has been approached by brands before – with Microsoft announcing their “HoloLens” technology earlier this year – the remarkable difference here is that the development has been curated by a consumer. It doesn’t matter if it is coming from a well-known brand or from somebody’s garage, there is clearly an appetite for advancement in the market place. If consumers are willing to challenge themselves, then advertisers should see it as an invitation to be bold and innovative as well.

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