High expectation for online video

IAB and Adapt.tv’s latest State of the Video Industry report released last week highlights online video spend is set to rise 37% in the coming year, and that one fifth of inventory is being bought programmatically. Mobile video shows the strongest growth from last year with more than 80% of buyers now purchasing mobile video inventory.

Advertisers are also using more sophisticated ways of delivering their message. Two thirds of publishers say they have seen their CPMs increase by 25% or more in the last 12 months. While 84% of buyers still purchase direct from publishers, of which 66% is bought through demand-side platforms and 38% through private marketplaces.

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Our take

Programmatic enables agencies to be more accountable but also gives publishers an insight into the content that’s popular and in demand. What’s driving its growth is digital driven data making it measurable for clients. Programmatic can actually save clients’ money through automation and transactions becoming much more efficient.

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