Helping North Korea see better

Dear Leader – a recently launched premium sunglasses brand – is on a mission to bring down the North Korea regime. Designed with a distinct political aim in mind the collaborators vision – an eclectic mix of artists, entrepreneurs and optometrists – was solidified after seeing first hand through a child’s eyes their disturbing reality and future. Each sale generates financial support to activist groups working within North Korea.

Our take

Who doesn’t love a brand that is built entirely around a truly world-changing goal? With millions of affluent consumers feeling trapped in a guilt spiral when it comes to the negative impacts of their consumption, the real luxury for consumers is to not only indulge without guilt, but to feel like they are making a difference. While we have seen big brands and billionaires – such as the Giving Pledge – lean in, in an attempt to make the world a better place there is now a rising demand for brands that can combine luxury and zeal to make the world better.

Monia Montefusco

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