Google’s ambitions for India

Google has announced plans to set up free Wi-Fi networks for profit across India by partnering with shopping malls, universities and other public places.
Rajan Anandan, Google’s vice-president for India and South-East Asia said, “Everything that we’re doing is really focussed on getting every Indian online, making the internet useful for every Indian and also making sure the internet is a vibrant right.”

Our take

It is staggering to think that “every second in India, three people experience the internet for the first time in their lives” – Google research.
In Australia, Wi-Fi and 4G is a commodity. In India, it’s unattainable for more than half the population. It is estimated that India’s number of netizens will grow to 650 million by 2020, from 350 million today.

Google’s plans are impressive and will add value to their future users’ lives – but one can’t help but think that the data and consequent revenue generated will be more impressive.

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Ally Cooney

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