Go for a drive and get your car appraised

Newly launched Taiwanese used car dealership Kagulu, have created an advanced digital mobile out of home display that takes to the road & gives a quote on the car you are driving in real-time. Arming a truck with sensors, cameras and a screen, they scanned surrounding cars as the truck drives through the streets of Taipei. The display then instantly provides the current sales value of the car to the driver, giving the driver the impetus to trade in their car (and upgrade!).

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Our take

Kagulu’s activation gets on the road & seeks out its target audience, recognises the scenario of where their consumer is, and involves its audience in a highly personalised way. Content in Context? Check. Relevant & Personal? Check. With such diagnostic capabilities, this out-of-home recognition tech has application across a variety of categories, providing relevant stimulus for customers in real time.

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