Game on! Auto industry starts new race towards zero emissions

Hot on the heels of Volvo announcing it would be making fully electric or hybrid cars from 2019, France announced that they would be banning petrol and diesel cars by 2040 with Norway and Netherlands setting their target for 2025 and Germany and India looking at a 2030 phase out. Tesla’s battery revolution in South Australia will also put Australia in good stead for zero emissions by 2050. The beginning of the end for the solely combustion powered engine is here with the prediction that the automotive industry will reach a “tipping point” by the mid-2020s when electric cars begin to sell more than traditional models.

Our take

We are in the midst of a seismic shift where our attention and rejection of mass production that negatively impacts our planet has now become the urgent actionable topic de jour. Brands that have the ability to respond with agility to meet targets mandated by government as well as match consumer needs will not only be able to reinvent themselves to gain cred as pioneers in this space; but start a new race with unexpected players taking the top spot on poll position.

Monia Montefusco

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