Free ice-creams to save the bees

On May 8 Haagen-Dazs US stores gave away free ice-cream cones to customers.  Rather than building a loyalty program or launching a new flavour, the brand used the giveaway to raise awareness of the plight of bees, yes bees!
Did you know that honey bees pollinate one-third of the foods we eat? Did you also know that honeybee populations are disappearing at an alarming rate?
For over a decade the ice-cream brand has been raising awareness and donating funds to help the plight of bees, linking the fact that many of their varieties, as with a lot of foods we enjoy, rely on these special insects.  Partnering with the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation and The Harry H. Laidlaw Jr. Honey Bee Research Facility, Haagen-Dazs has donated over US$1M to honey bee research. Read more here.

Our take

This campaign is another powerful demonstration of our Making a Brandstand 2018 Trend.  Consumers want to make a positive impact through deliberated brand choices and expect brands to move beyond words to action.  By authentically linking the plight of bees with ingredients, Haagen-Dazs activated a no-strings-attached giveaway to connect shared values with consumers in their commitment to this ecological issue.  In 2018 brands must identify when it is their responsibility to speak out on an important issue. In a world of fractured trust, there is an opportunity for authentic brands to make a Brandstand and to provide a platform for consumers to make a difference and feel good about the purchases they make.

Jacquie Alley

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