Flying Cars in the foreseeable future

Innovative thinking is essential for companies to maintain market dominance in the motoring and aviation industries. Uber is one example of a company that is looking to challenge market conventions by providing an ‘electric flying taxi’ service (ABC, 2017). The small, electric aircrafts are described as zero-emission vehicles that will provide an alternative, ‘affordable’ mode of transport to the masses.

Our take

While this concept has been in circulation for a while, Uber has partnered with aviation, motoring and battery charging station partners, bringing it one step closer to reality. However with new innovation come new challenges. New standards and mandates will have to be put in place to ensure ‘safety, utility and cost’ (Bloomberg, 2017) are the primary focus. Whether Uber can meet strict criteria adhering to such measures and make this idea scalable determines the feasibility of these plans – but there is demand (Bloomberg, 2017).

Jess Adjei

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