Facebook video views gaining on YouTube

Although YouTube remains the dominant video-sharing platform, Facebook is catching up; the social media powerhouse is on track to soon deliver nearly as many views as YouTube.
YouTube is still the clear leader in video sharing, on track to deliver 3 trillion video views this year. However, with a projected 2 trillion views in 2015, Channel Facebook is on the rise. Over the last year, Facebook has introduced YouTube-esque features such as view counts and the ranking prioritization of videos.

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Our take

Comparable measurement will be key.

Facebook runs ads after content rather than before and also charges advertisers for a video view after just three seconds. In contrast, YouTube runs ads before the content while users are more engaged and charges after 30 seconds of viewing or when an ad is finished. These key differentiators set YouTube apart and if Facebook are to be a true competitor, they must deliver comparable returns and measurement.

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