Facebook Messenger takes one step closer to ubiquity

What’s happened?
In less than 2 years Facebook Messenger has doubled its monthly users, joining WhatsApp and You Tube in the 1 billion club. Each month it facilitates the sharing of 17 billion photos, 1 billion messages, 38 million stickers, 22 million GIFs…numbers that make it very attractive to brands and developers.

Our take

Nielsen’s latest Connected Consumer report highlighted growth of messaging apps, now being used by two thirds of all Australians and over 90% of under 25s. However it’s not just the numbers that captured our attention. Facebook Messenger’s continuous, consumer focused innovation embodies our 2016 ‘Stay where you play’ trend. Loading the platform with convenience rich features has created a point of difference against the ‘more fun than functional’ Snapchat. It has generated a massive, highly engaged audience, producing valuable consumer data and an equally massive revenue stream for the social monolith.

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