Facebook announces changes to newsfeed: the gravy train is over!

On January 11th, Facebook announced some big changes to its news feed algorithm. By adjusting the way they rank content, Facebook has promised users they’ll be seeing a lot less public content and a lot more from their family and friends.

Despite a noble goal of creating “meaningful conversations”, these changes will inevitably curb the way users view public content, and the announcement has sent the publishing world into freefall. Not only will publishers have to work harder for their reach, they also stand to lose hard won audiences and their investments with them.
Despite calls from Rupert Murdoch to introduce ‘carriage fees’ similar to the ones already in place amongst cable network providers in the US, the issue remains in limbo with how publishers will be adapt to the new model.

Our take

At some point every industry faces disruption. And as always, The Media Store will face this in a way that is both fearless and optimistic. What all of these changes really signal is the end of a lazy approach to branded and published content, one that has been taking the platform for granted. If family and friends are being prioritised in the Facebook newsfeed, then the way these publishers communicate with their audience must become more dynamic, and user-generated content will become more important than ever. We don’t have a crystal ball, but what is apparent is that publishers will have to learn to become more agile, more creative and more in touch with their consumers.

Calin Barker

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