Facebook 911bot could save your life one day

Programmers have developed a 911bot that allows users to alert emergency personnel when they need help via Facebook Messenger. Those in trouble can use the app to describe their situation by typing information, sharing photos, recording locations and/or responding to questions.

The bot then places a phone call to emergency services, relaying the information via an automated voice and connecting the user to the emergency operator.

Our take

This piece of technology has the opportunity to save lives in the future. Dropping the pin location alone, allows emergency services to know where you are, when you may not.

The automated voice messenger is not 100% perfect yet and could cause some confusion in its early stages of testing. The collected information from the 911bot will need to be taken inclusively with other data points to make sure the operator can take effective action.

At this stage it is only available in the US.

Read More: http://mashable.com/2016/05/09/facebook-bot-911/#x5JVvl_Yu5q7.

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