Face with Tears of Joy emoji is word of the year!

What’s Happened?

Oxford dictionaries have announced a pictograph as the word of the year for the first time ever, as it best reflects the tone of 2015. It’s no surprise as recent research from Instagram has shown that 40% of comments posted to the site now contain emoji’s, and furthermore that over time people who use emoji’s use the words they are replacing less. So what does ‘face with tears of joy’ represent – LOL and HAHAHA are the most commonly replaced words.

Our take

Whilst it might be easy to dismiss emoji as a cute adjunct to a message, many commentators are now seeing them as a legitimate evolving language – especially amongst millennials. From Julie Bishops all emoji interview to the recent billboard for Deadpool to even a recent promotion by nab, advertisers are jumping on board. Maybe it’s time to start thinking about how to translate your brand message to emoji too. :)

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