Dragons, swords, the wall, visions on mobiles! Say What?

To promote the upcoming new season of Game of Thrones, the producers of the show looked to generate hype by sharing with fans 5 second “visions”. The “visions” shared were snippets of the show. A call to action was sent out via twitter which drove people to a landing page where they signed up, though they didn’t know what they were signing up to receive.
The videos or “visions” were sent via text message and vanished; Snapchat-like, 90 seconds after people viewed them. The idea of using vanishing videos was so the fans experience the foresight just like the characters of the show do, as “you cannot pause a dream”.

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Our take

Games of Thrones producers were channelling their inner Mission Impossible with “this message will self-destruct” styled vanishing content. The concept is a great way to drive chatter on social media with the program itself organically generating massive amounts of commentary online too. The content was shared via mobile only as the directors of the campaign judged mobile to be the most intimate medium available – and we agree.

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