Deloitte study into Australian media consumption

Deloitte has released their annual study into Australian media consumption. It identifies shifts driven by the paradox of social media influence vs disillusionment, the impacts of fake news and the new face of gaming. It also maps the rise of Subscription VOD, having grown to 32%, surpassing PayTV in just 3 years.

Our take

It’s game on for the battle of the TV throne and we need to stay nimble as the media landscape evolves. At 28% Netflix might soon reign over Foxtel, however Amazon captured 2% in just 4 months. Expect more gains with a $4.5bn content budget and likelihood that PrimeTV will be bundled ‘free’ for future customers. New players are also anticipated. Disney recently announced the 2019 launch of direct to consumer portals for ESPN sport and movies, ending their Netflix content deal. Advertisers will continue to be challenged by audience fragmentation in the disruptive era of internet distributed video.

What’s The Wrap?

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