Data to help drivers find parking spaces

From 300 million people in India who have very little, to a relative few who have a lot….
From next year, Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz cars will be fitted with on-board sensors that will share information in real time about on-street parking spaces and roadworks via a digital map service.
The vehicles will also gather data on traffic conditions, hazards and road signs. This service is made possible by a mapping firm, HERE and differs to Waze, owned by Google, because users will not have to be logged into their Smartphones.  The car does all the work.

Our take

This is a fascinating joint partnership between BMW, Audi and Mercedes – they are not only sharing their data via HERE to improve their digital mapping capabilities, they are also taking on Google Waze. Not something to be undertaken lightly.
We remain buckled-in to see how this innovation unfolds and how Google will respond.
Read more from Business Insider here

Ally Cooney

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