Commonweath Games outperforms Rio

The 2018 Commonwealth Games has kicked off on the Gold Coast. The first local games in 12 years, the event is being brought to Australian screens via the Seven Network, who have arguably established themselves as the premium event broadcaster in recent times.

Our take

With a competition schedule tailored for local viewing and a bag of medals being won by Australians, the Games are proving once again that large-scale sporting events still have the power to pull in large broadcast audiences, even in a time of continuing media fragmentation. The Opening Ceremony was watched by an average of 2.7m (metro & regional), giving Seven a 52.7% share for the night. By comparison, a combined total of 2.25m tuned in for the Opening Ceremony of the Rio Olympics. Day 1 of competition saw peak TV audiences remain high, with an average of at least 1.8m (metro & regional). 18.2m minutes were streamed on Day 1 of the Games; a 39% increase in streaming for Day 1 of the Rio Olympics. After Day 1, a domestic cumulative reach of 1.4m has already been seen across the Seven Network social channels. Heading into Tokyo 2020, advertisers should not look simply at the often premium costs associated with large-scale event telecasts, and rather look to leverage the mass-reaching opportunity across the various media touchpoints beyond the linear broadcast. There is great potential to deliver content in context and ensure advertisers’ messages are delivered in the most relevant format and on the most appropriate device to the audience.

 Melanie Scully


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