Cats on Instagram – #whowouldhavethought

Cats are now the newest social contributors through the latest innovation from Whiskas – introducing Catstacam. Cat lovers can now keep tabs on their furry friends throughout the day while they’re not home. By utilising motion detector technology, the device captures a photo every 20 seconds allowing cat owners to view the world from their cat’s perspective and then shared through their cat’s Instagram profile.

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Our take

Whiskas has capitalised on the love and obsession pet owners have for their ‘fur babies’ and enabled the obsession to manifest further. Whiskas has successfully leveraged an existing human behaviour and tailored it in a unique and interesting way. Unfortunately this technology won’t be available at your local pet supply store, only a limited number of devices were created for celebrities and their famous cats – looks like the usual Instagram images from the owner’s point of view will have to suffice for now.

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