Brands experimenting with Oculus Rift

Since Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus Rift, we’ve seen an increase in brands experimenting with this medium.

Marriott Hotels teleported newlyweds to the beaches of Hawaii and downtown London for their outside City Hall honeymoon. While Dos Equis beer crafted a promotion launched in bars & party events across the US, featuring an interactive Halloween masquerade treasure hunt.

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Our take

Both activations seized an existing moment in consumer’s lives with strong product synergy. Marriott captured newlyweds with honeymoons on their minds and Dos Equis tied themselves to Halloween, the biggest American partying event.

While affordable, small scale immersive activations currently limit virtual reality from greater content opportunities for the masses. However, the June 2014 launch of Google Cardboard unlocked this experience for most smartphone users. With Oculus announcing a consumer headset within ‘many months’, expect to see more brands delivering enriched ‘presence’ content.

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