Automotive and data @ CES2016

What’s happened?

The annual Consumer & Electronics trade Show (CES) has concluded in Las Vegas. 170k business people and journalists inspected the latest and greatest in tech, gadgetry and trends, looking for the next big thing in consumer electronics.

Our take

The big trend in the last decade has been ‘what’s new for Automotive?’ and 2016 was no exception. Companies like Ford and Toyota are meeting their future mobility challenges by investing into data, radar, lasers and software – in essence, into tech.

In the aftermath of the 2008 GFC, many C-suite execs left Detroit to work in booming California. Some have now returned home, bringing their connectivity smarts and contacts with them. The recovery of the Automotive sector, and the smarter cars we have now on our roads, is in no small part due to this journey.

As category boundaries blur, Automotive companies and suppliers in Tech will be having fierce competition in some areas and successful joint ventures in others. Change is afoot!

Check out #ToyotaTech @ CES here

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