Australian Rugby Great talks about leadership

John Eales, recognised as one of the greatest rugby players of all time, discusses what makes an effective leader and why some people are able to perform so well at the highest level. There are some basic qualities required by a leader to get the most from those around them and John is clear in outlining them.

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Our take

Leadership comes in all forms depending on the requirement of the company or organisation. But there are some very consistent themes that John Eales talks about – and they are honesty, optimism and anticipation. A good leader according to Eales requires an obvious strength of character to be honest with their people’s performance and give the “team” hope through their actions and words. Also – to be able to anticipate likely future scenarios or identify potential threats or opportunities – is a vital quality and a potent weapon in achieving success.
The respect he commands throughout the sporting and business world is most worthy.

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