Amazon introduces Alexa to its shopping app for iOS

Amazon recently introduced their voice assistant Alexa to IOS devices through Amazon’s main shopping app, enabling users to access the voice assistant’s features anytime and anywhere.
Alexa responds to voice commands to shop, check delivery schedules, play music, answer questions and offer weather, traffic, and other real time information.
Amazon had an early lead in the voice assistant market, introducing Alexa in 2014 and featuring more than 10,000 skills. Until now, Alexa was only accessible through Amazon Echo smart speakers. The online retail giant has now advanced to challenging smartphone voice assistants, like Apple’s Siri.

Our take

The rise of voice assistant technology aligns with a key 2017 trend ‘The Age of Voice’. Voice search will become the preference for the next generation, allowing consumers to interact hands-free. Marketers need to be considering the implications of langauge and technology for search optimisation.

Courtney Ryan

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