Airbnb’s #WeAccept Superbowl ad makes waves

One of the most memorable ads of Super Bowl 2017 was from Airbnb – a response to the Trump Administration’s recent immigration ban. Titled “We Accept,” it proved to be a public relations coup for Airbnb as the New York Times and others called attention to the commercial and to the speed with which it was put together. One day to shoot, just a few days before Superbowl Sunday.

Our take

According to Freakonomic’s latest podcast episode, An Egghead’s Guide to the Super Bowl, 30sec ads were going for USD$5.5m. Ordinarily, a Superbowl Showstopper would be months in planning with eye watering production costs. We love what Airbnb have delivered. The footage was taken from previous Airbnb collateral, updated with captions making to relevant to a universal topic, delivered on the U.S. biggest TV night. These days, relevance Trumps big production budgets. View #WeAccept here.

Ally Cooney

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