Ad Blocking | Can we bring them back?

Latest studies on ad blocking have been released, with Pagefair reporting that 11% of users globally are now using ad blocking software – equating to a YOY increase of 30%; primarily led by the Asia Pacific region. Closer to home, the IAB has released its latest research, which shows Australia stable YOY at 25% usage. Interestingly, Australians have a low uptake of ad blockers on mobile, with only 4% using ad blocking tech on their device.

Our take

Regardless of device, advertisers & publishers need to push each so as to move beyond ad units that interrupt content consumption. Publishers need to invest further into developing ad units & other communication solutions that are seamless part of the content experience for the user. Advertisers need to support that investment by testing & continuously evaluating, so that together publisher & advertiser come together to add value to the users content experience.

Charisma Bhandari

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