A Small Step For Man, One “Magic Leap” For Mankind!

Magic Leap, a start-up from South Florida, purports to have technology that brings Virtual Reality to life without the need for headsets and goggles. Very little is known about the technology, but last week the company showed footage that promises a much improved augmented reality experience that layers digital imagery over the real world to create convincing optical illusions aka holographic reality

Our take

If Magic Leap delivers on the promise of their video demos, this will be a game changer for the way in which we perceive, interact and communicate with the world around us. The applications are numerous from redefining how we engage with movies, to providing teachers the ability to bring historical figures or geographic locations to life in the classroom. There are sceptics, and the company has been slow to release details, but given large investments from Google and Qualcomm, one imagines they know something we don’t. Expect more soon. Read more...

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