Chevrolet offers roadside assistance to Women drivers in Saudi Arabia

Coinciding with the new law passed to allow women to drive in Saudi Arabia, automaker, Chevrolet announced it would offer 24/7 roadside support for female drivers. Chevrolet says, “Car troubles are never fun, but especially if you’ve just started driving. We want to help new women drivers as much as possible, which is why we’re offering our exceptional 24/7 Regional Roadside Assistance to ALL women of Saudi, no matter the make or model you drive.”

The announcement followed on from Chevrolet’s earlier #UpToMe campaign, which asked women of Saudi Arabia whether or not they’ll choose to drive once they’re officially given the right.

Our take

This announcement aligns with the “Making a Brandstand” trend that The Media Store highlighted at the beginning of this year. We identified the need for brands to step up for peace, diversity and the health of the planet. This is a great example of a marketing campaign aligned with a movement that is not gimmicky, but has substance and provides something meaningful. Brands need to be cautious and act with integrity and ensure that their motivations are sincere when “making a brandstand”, as savvy consumers can see through a blatant publicity stunt. e.g. Pepsi and Kendall Jenner

Alison White

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