460 million reasons to be happy little Vegemites

How we like our Vegemite is a hot topic thanks to Australia’s big cheese. We might not agree how much to apply, but we are united in welcoming Vegemite back into local ownership following its purchase by Bega Cheese from US company Mondelez. Where Dick Smith tried, Bega succeeded, thanks to supply arrangements making Kraft cheese products for Vegemite’s US owner. Though some see Nutella as a potential threat, so long as Vegemite remains a lunch box staple, our kids will continue to form a bond with the mighty spread for future generations.

Our take

There is room for growth in the spread market. While we can expect more activity in the sector, it remains to be seen whether Vegemite’s Australian-owned status will help it compete with nut-based spreads.

Mindy Lee

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