The First Look at the Australian Census 2016

Last week the latest Census data was released and portrayed a changing Australia. For the first time ever, Australia has closer ties with Asian countries than European states with higher migration, language and ancestry. Despite England and New Zealand being the top countries of birth, China, India and Philippines make up the remainder of the top 5 and 20 per cent of the overseas born population. Migrants born in Asia have gone from 24 per cent to 40 per cent in just 15 years.

Our take

It is important for marketers and advertisers to understand these cultural shifts. Australia is more diverse than ever with more than 21 per cent speaking a language other than English, compared to only 18% in 2011. The Census reveals a changing Australian landscape which marketers must take into account when creating campaigns. They must adapt communications and strategies in ways that include and engage all Australians in one of the most multicultural countries in the world.

Courtney Doddridge

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