What’s happened?

Since 2007, iPhone has seen consistent growth as each new model delivered new exciting must-have features to spark adopters. It now seems the smartphone consumer base isn’t as loyal to Apple as it once was. Apple’s technology now mirrors their competitions and their advancements are slowing, with their products only deemed suitable for use for up to two years. This has led to a vulnerability in the brand and many wondering if their tech is still enough to deliver sales that rival previous launches.

As sustainable practices and quality over quantity begin to trend, the need for consumers to continually aspire to the ‘latest and greatest’ is slowing. Rapid innovation and competition have spiked within the last decade, impacting demand for Apple’s ‘latest and greatest’, which is only slightly better than last year’s model.
The brand’s 2019 offering may not be enough to lure mass audiences. Apple needs to look past the current product and to deeper engage with customers and their evolving attitudes and needs if they are to remain at the top of the smartphone market.

Joseph Badaan