The Media Store 2015 Trend Video Series

We’ve produced a video lineup of the top ten trends for 2015 to help you activate and innovate.
Our 2015 Trend Series enables marketers to better understand the landscape and be a force in shaping the future of their brands.
At the end of 2014 we analysed the predictions of over 30 global sources to identify the trends most valuable for engaging today’s consumer.
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Trend 1: Post Demographic Consumerism

In the era of personalised mass marketing, brands need to look beyond the confines of demographics. Approach the consumer as a unique individual, not just a number.

Trend 2: Dynamic Shopping Journeys

The quest to serve the omni-channel shopper has brought about a ceasefire in the battle between the two dimensions of retail. Bricks and mortar supercharges technology instore and online adopts the practicalities of physical retail.

Trend 3: Human Sensing Network

Data sharing will take on a 3 dimensional shape as consumers benefit from distributing their personal information to an authorised network.

Trend 4: Age of Control

After years of distraction by the every expanding digital universe, the consumer has pivoted into declutter mode.

Trend 5: The Internet of Sharing Things

Access can be more attractive than ownership and the digital marketplace gives consumers the ability to connect and share under-utilised resources.

Trend 6: Crowd Creating

New platforms are evolving that can connect creators for group projects and manage equitable remuneration.

Trend 7: Brands Fostering Community

Brands can simultaneously benefit communities and build love, by helping to connect individuals with shared interests – online and in the real world.

Trend 8: Deep is the New Tabloid

A new generation of digital news providers is developing our appetite for depth and substance, but with real time relevance and flexible opt-in delivery.

Trend 9: Storyscaping

Create engaging branded worlds, not just ads, by unfolding your brand story across a variety of the most captivating communications tools and platforms.

Trend 10: Liquid Content

A fluid approach to the use of content allows brands to optimize contextual relevance and engage with consumers as individuals.

What’s The Wrap?

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