Greg Creed, a former KFC Australia Chief Marketing Officer, has risen to the position of Global CEO of YUM Brands from January.
Greg Creed, in an interview with TMS CEO Chris Mort, says that there is no single reason for his success but rather some simple philosophies built on courage, seizing opportunities and treating the company’s suppliers as equal partners.

Our take

It is so refreshing to hear that mutual respect and honesty are still recognised as the foundation to a powerful client / agency relationship.
He has also identified the one crucial ingredient to a successful career – and that is courage. To have the courage to do things differently to keep a business fresh and interesting is not often easy but it is the one constant behind every successful executive and any long standing agency / client relationship. Creed has it in spades and coupled with his infectious enthusiasm makes him a true leader.

His rise to the top speaks for itself.

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