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The Wrap is a fortnightly review of the latest trends and technologies from around the globe.

In a constantly evolving marketplace, we identify the best new technologies, campaigns and consumer behaviours and cast The Media Store lens over their practical application and efficacy, to ensure we and our clients remain at the forefront of the news.

LEGO Braille Bricks

What has happened? LEGO is planning to launch LEGO Braille Bricks in 2020, to encourage learning through play, benefitting children with visual impairments. The bricks will have the same number of studs used for individual letters, with the letters also printed on...

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Space Ad launching in 2021

What has happened? Highly ambitious start-up StartRocket plans to create branded displays in the Earth’s atmosphere using CubeStats, small and reflectively lit cube satellites. The “space ads” aim to launch by 2021 and will be able to display pictures, logos, and...

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Technology reimagines retail’s Last Mile

What has happened? The 2019 Australian Retail Outlook report highlights technology’s transformational effect on retail. New online retail events are changing consumer behaviour and having a pull-forward effect on legacy Christmas sales. Last November’s online...

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Facebook – The Ever Evolving Social Juggernaut

What has happened? The “Inventory Filter” has recently been introduced by Facebook in their continuous efforts to aid marketers from harmful product placements and simplify the brand safety controls. Previously the advertisers were able to exclude content categories,...

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“Homeless Home Sale” giving homeless people protection

What has happened? Thanks to a legal loophole, Danish marketing agency Hjaltelin Stahl and newspaper Ekstra Bladet launched an ingenious web shop “Homeless Home Sale” giving homeless people protection against being moved on by police. As sleeping in groups is illegal,...

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Instagram announces a new in-app checkout feature

What has happened? Instagram has always looked for design options that retain users inside their app for longer. The release of their in-app checkout feature takes this strategy to the next level by allowing social shopping to happen seamlessly without leaving their...

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