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The Wrap is a fortnightly review of the latest trends and technologies from around the globe.

In a constantly evolving marketplace, we identify the best new technologies, campaigns and consumer behaviours and cast The Media Store lens over their practical application and efficacy, to ensure we and our clients remain at the forefront of the news.

Advertising Doing What It’s Told

What has happened? Spotify is embracing the Shapeshifting Media Trend*, recently starting tests of voice-enabled ads. Heard by groups of US subscribers with microphone settings enabled, the first iterations are Spotify ads only – promoting playlists & Spotify...

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Google’s AR Search Results are a Whole Different Animal

What has happened? In May 2019, Google rolled out a curious update to their search offering. Searching for certain animals whilst using an AR enabled phone will display a prompt for an augmented reality feature. Clicking on this feature will open a device’s camera and...

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No worries Jan – Darrell Lea makes it better

What has happened? After various financial hardships including voluntary administrations and a drop in sales, Darrell Lea has relaunched their chocolate and confectionary brand into the Australian market with an adopted remake of the classic Yellow Pages “Not Happy...

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Coles conveniently expands its ‘ready to go’ offering

What has happened? Coles has announced that it will launch 75 new ready to go meal options in 100 refurbished stores over the next six months. Pleasing millennials and hangry commuters alike, the range will include trendy brunch favourites like smashed avocado on...

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Booming Regional Market

What has happened? Boomtown  - a collaboration between major regional media owners across TV, radio and publishers – recently launched to raise awareness of the importance of marketing in regional Australia. Their findings focused on the growing regional population of...

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Leveraging Game of Thrones; don’t get left in the dark

What has happened? In case you’ve been living under a rock, the final season of Game of Thrones recently took the world by storm, reaching over 1.54M people in Australia, during the finale alone. Capitalising on the show’s popularity, there has been no shortage of...

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Fighting Poverty with Social Plastic

What has happened? We are currently facing a catastrophe in the ocean with millions of animals dying due to plastic flowing into the ocean. According to scientists we will produce 350 billion kilos of plastic alone this year with an estimated 8-12 billion kilos of...

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Addressable TV Delivers?

What has happened? Addressable TV was the focal point of the recent IAB NewsFronts in New York, where publishers talked more like TV Networks about “pilots” and “primetime”. Nielsen forecasts US ad spend on Addressable TV will grow 260% by 2020. This will represent 7%...

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