There is an old saying – agencies get the clients they deserve.

A client roster is a reflection of the agency’s capabilities, personality and culture. At The Media Store we’ve steadily been building our client portfolio across a diverse range of categories. They came to us because they believe we could make a positive difference to their business and our priority is to ensure their confidence is rewarded.

To achieve this it requires a mix of creativity, competitiveness, a strong performance ethic and an unwavering focus on the task – all things that are woven into the fabric of The Media Store.M2090-626CISSP-ISSMPSY0-401300-320HD0-100250-319070-465JN0-332HP2-N36C_TPLM30_661Z0-550JN0-360300-209NCLEX-PN648-375C2170-0511Z0-535BH0-0071Z1-535C_TB1200_90C2090-62070-487501-011Z0-10070-461C_TSCM62_6670-692300-135642-9991Z0-482MB6-700VCP550C_TERP10_66VMCE_V8600-503MB2-707NS0-5061Y0-201C_TSCM42_65API-571HP0-S42CSSGBEX0-117A00-2111Z0-533642-7329L0-521JN0-690E22-283070-410412-791Z0-5311Z0-228642-997PMPEX200C_TBI30_74GPEN1Z0-4141Z0-808400-201300-101JN0-6941Z1-57470-41070-496HP2-N461Z0-883700-5011Z0-809BCCPA70-462100-101070-516M70-301MB2-704010-1511K0-001JN0-6961Z0-457AHM-5201Z0-507M70-2011Z1-8711T6-3220B0-110000-041070-5991Z0-0479A0-162HP0-761


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What’s The Wrap?

The Wrap is a fortnightly review of the latest trends and technologies from around the globe.

In a constantly evolving marketplace, we identify the best new technologies, campaigns and consumer behaviours and cast The Media Store lens over their practical application and efficacy, to ensure we and our clients remain at the forefront of the news.