What has happened?

Last month, the annual Digital Velocity Conference was held at the Ivy in Sydney. It was hosted by Tealium, a company whose expertise and leadership in the field of customer data strategy, is fast becoming a major contributing force behind business growth for many organisations around the globe. Founded in San Francisco by the inventors of the web tracking pixel, this CDP (Customer Data Platform) has seen huge success over the past few years. The conference provided an opportunity to hear first-hand, from the experts at Tealium in terms of their approach, as well as C-Suites and specialists from a number of major organisations, all of whom are at different stages in their data journey.

The Media Store Take

With many businesses now trying to pull together and leverage data across 100+ owned applications on average, it’s difficult to understate the importance of a cohesive and well-orchestrated data strategy. As true business partners for our clients, we need to be able to credibly advise them on which current and emerging companies/platforms/solutions (beyond the paid media space) will best serve their business needs and help them achieve their required growth.

In this particular case, we can capitalise on the granularity of the profiling that Tealium delivers for brands and extend this through performance media platforms to deliver better results. This conference was a sign of things to come with the key message being, that the path to data activation takes time and preparation and we all need to start yesterday…

Tom Charles