What has happened?

Levi Strauss and Co is taking on the responsibility to take action through developing and implementing sustainable practices. Sustainability is at the forefront of how they create their products and the work they do towards creating a more sustainable planet.  Levi’s technology can now reduce up to 96% of the water normally needed in denim finishing. In addition to this Levi’s is a key founder of the Better Cotton Initiative. These cotton farmers use 11% less water, 12% less pesticides and 16% less synthetic, thus making a more positive impact on our environment.

The Media Store Take

Levi’s is amongst the new crop of brands that are turning to material innovation and improvement to respond to the demands of eco-conscious consumers. Using innovative tech to cut excess while replenishing and restoring what we have lost while building a thriving economy and planet is a key step forward into a new sustainable future. As the Innovation Group’s New Sustainability Report highlights. “Doing less harm is no longer enough”. The future of sustainability will focus on regeneration, with pioneering brands at the heart of that effort. Promoting this within their consumer marketing will also build credibility and trust.

Rosie Kennedy