What has happened?

Vogue Italia has announced a first in the fashion magazine’s history – the decision to ditch the use of traditional photoshoots for the January 2020 issue.  The prestigious magazine has commissioned eight covers by renowned artists who produced their work without the need to travel,  ship in clothes  or pollute in any way, as they begin to live out their new values.  In comparison with the September 2019 issue, the biggest per year, this innovation will see a dramatic reduction in resources used ranging from food, plastic, petrol and electricity in an effort to counteract the significant impact associated with publishing a fashion magazine.

The money saved from the production of this issue will be redirected to help finance the restoration of the Fondazione Querini Stampalia, the historic house that was severely damaged by recent floods in Venice.

The Media Store Take

As we enter this new decade,  brands are shifting gear beyond making a stand on sustainability to creating impactful and necessary action.  Innovation today isn’t solely focused on distinctiveness and differentiation to benefit the bottom line.

Companies that are embracing and creating change are re-shaping their core values to ensure they are fit for purpose as we navigate a new normal in the race towards zero emissions. Beyond tangible investments – such as Vogue’s other initiative to invest in only compostable plastic to wrap the magazine – this provides brands with permission to unleash innovation in new, exciting and non-traditional ways that provide the perfect aperture for authentic connections with consumers.

As we kick off 2020, brands need to consider what action they can take navigating attitudes towards sustainable consumption and how to mitigate the risk of being shamed when absent.

Penny Davis